Cardinal Daniel Sturla, S.D.B.
Grand Chancellor

P. Luis Rafael Velasco, S.I.
P. Luis Rafael Velasco, S.I.
Vice Grand Chancellor

Father Dr. Julio Fernández Techera, S.I.

Father Mag. Gustavo Monzón, S.I.
Vic-President of University Community

Mag. Santiago Mercant
Vic-President for Administrative Affairs

Dr. Cecilia Rossel
Vice-President of Research and Innovation

Dr. Marcos Sarasola
Vice-President of Academic Programs

Francisca Sanguinetti
Mag. Francisca Sanguinetti
General Secretary

Augusto Ferreira
Dr. Augusto Ferreira
Dean, School of Health Sciences

Dra. Isabelle Chaquiriand
Dean, School of Business

Dr. Mario Spangenberg
Dean, School of Law and Human Sciences

Dr. Sonia Cozzano

Dean, School of Engineering and Technology

Mag. Renato Opertti
Dean, Graduate School

Mag. Marcos Soto
Dean, UCU Business School

Andrea Malaquín
Mag. Andrea Malaquín
Dean, Punta del Este Campus

 Jimena Silva

Lic. Jimena Silva
Dean, Salto Campus


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