School of Business

School of Business



Business Management

This program helps students develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values necessary to succeed in Uruguay and in the business world. This career path will give them an understanding of administrative tasks in marketing, finance, human resources and operations. Upon completion, our professionals will have a solid ethical vision and a strong orientation towards decision making within a thoughtful context that also considers the human-side and social responsibility.

Public Accountant

This program trains professionals who can successfully apply and interpret current accounting and legal standards for bookkeeping, auditing, information systems, investment projects and tax payment. Public accountants aim to provide reliable quality information to different users for decision-making purposes. Students learn to create, interpret, analyze, control, verify and communicate information to businesses and organizations. Students also learn how to follow up on relevant information and to make recommendations that include the social and human impact of those decisions.


This program in Economics trains solid professionals in all areas of the economy. Students are especially trained to analyze and model market dynamics and the behavior of various economic variables. Students also learn to design and evaluate public policies as well as to develop strategic analyses of markets, sectors and value chains. This training aims to help develop their critical thinking, an attitude of lifelong learning, and a deep sense of social responsibility and ethical vision.

Human Resources and Labor Relations

This program will help students build strong interpersonal, professional relationships where trust, leading by example, service, proactive attitudes and results are essential. Students learn to design, manage and implement both systems and strategic processes that will help an organization to better understand its needs as well as to effectively acquire, manage and develop talent to meet those needs.

International Business and Integration

This program helps students develop the knowledge and skills needed to run an international business or organization. Students learn to integrate foreign trade, logistics and economics with finance, marketing, law and business. Students will also develop the skills necessary to effectively research, analyze and use information for business decisions. Upon completion, our professionals will have a solid ethical vision and a strong orientation towards decision making within a thoughtful context that also considers the human side and social responsibility.

Tourism Business Management

The world of tourism has become a complex challenge that requires greater professionalization. This undergraduate program develops a systemic view of the tourism environment and integrates both business concepts and management tools to help an organization achieve its goals. Students learn to plan, design and market destinations and touristic products. Students also develop skills to work in an international context, including interacting with tourists and operators from different cultures and in different languages. From a sustainability perspective, students learn to guide their decision making while evaluating environmental impact as well as social and cultural contexts.