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Business Sciences




Business Management (MBA)

Our MBA program was designed as an innovative and in-depth program aimed at professionals committed both to their own development and to the progress of their community. The MBA is a two-year stimulating and challenging program which trains well-rounded business leaders. Graduates possess a solid academic background and the skills needed to become inspirational leaders in all areas of their work.

Master´s Program in Finance

In the last ten years, different areas of the Uruguayan economy have grown significantly, and various sectors have experienced substantial development. This scenario has brought about a professionalization of businesses, and the emergence of new financial instruments and tools that foster innovation in the public sphere, all of which require professionals trained to harness the potential of this new reality. At present, there is a growing need for specialized financial knowledge and strategies, as financial markets have become increasingly globalized. Furthermore, the quality and management of financial information has undergone profound changes in recent years as a result of the ever-growing and widespread use of electronic platforms.
Additionally, concern over the impact caused by financial decisions on the economy as a whole deems it necessary, and indeed, a responsibility of universities, to incorporate in their syllabuses spaces for discussion and reflection to encourage responsible decision-making processes in the field of finance. This Master’s program continues forging the path started by the Catholic University of Uruguay in 1998 when it launched its Graduate Diploma in Finance and, five years later, its Graduate Degree in Finance.

Master´s Degree in Marketing

In the last decades, the world has changed dramatically, particularly in the field of information technologies, which require new business dynamics. To compete in an increasingly demanding context, businesses need to anticipate market changes to make responsible, effective and appropriate decisions and to optimize their use of resources.
This scenario has made the role of marketing professionals more complex and demanding than ever, as they need to make short and medium-term decisions which consider the situation in the local and international markets, and to have a clear vision of the impact of these decisions in the operations of the organizations for which they work. This is why marketing professionals currently play a key role in creating value for their companies by designing, implementing and managing marketing strategies. Furthermore, concern over the impact of entrepreneurial decisions on the economy as a whole calls for serious reflection on the decision-making processes in the field of marketing in order to achieve higher levels of sustainability in business management and to incorporate ethical issues in these processes.

Graduate programs


Advice and consultancy in tax matters are a real need these days. In seven years, almost 120 professionals have graduated from the Graduate Program in Taxation at the Catholic University of Uruguay, holding managerial, advisory, and executive roles in companies and organizations of reference.


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