Postgraduate Programs


Opening a specialization program in endodontics is a decision based on scientific and technological advances that, applied to our national reality, helps solve endodontic problems among Uruguayan people. To ensure success, this program’s curriculum includes subjects that allow for interdisciplinary work, a preventive approach to disease, and outpatient and institutional management of patients who seek endodontic treatments. This marks the opening of a valuable field of work for dentists who would like to specialize in endodontics.

This proposal has the academic backing of several disciplines, as endodontic clinics will be a great support for existing programs (oral rehabilitation, surgery, orthodontics, pediatric stomatology, restorative and aesthetic dentistry specialization, and the concept of a single and indivisible endodontic restorative treatment). In addition, they will conceptually complement the management of complex problems from a strong theoretical foundation in order to understand patients’ treatments and problems. Having endodontic residents will facilitate and expedite patient transit through programs that require this support, as well as strengthen an academic community that responds to a problem with a holistic treatment to apply the best practices in dentistry.

The curriculum is innovative and aims to have an impact on the influential community to reduce risk factors of pulp and periradicular disease and dental trauma. This involves the preservation of natural teeth by paying full attention to endodontic issues of patients that seek treatment at the school clinics.

The proposal aims to distinguish this from other existing programs in the country, focusing on the area of basic sciences. There is great flexibility, which allows trainees to structure their academic path towards social and humanistic research, the clinic, and basic sciences. Regarding teaching, there is a need to strengthen training, as we must consider the current generational change, as well as the small number of endodontics teachers at the school. This is why endodontics teachers and specialists graduated in other universities in the country and abroad have been hired on occasion.
This graduate program was recognized by the MEC on February 9, 2017.

Orthodontics and Oral and Maxillo-Facial Orthopedics

Participants will be trained in the concept of integral health in the community that enables them to work on multi and interdisciplinary teams. This graduate program was recognized by the Ministry of Education and Culture in December 2012.

Surgery for Implants and implant-assisted prosthesis

Many of the world’s most prestigious universities offer osseointegrated implantology studies, with many interdisciplinary extensions. This specialty, created by Branemark and his team in their research, has revolutionized dentistry and offered a great potential of treatment unknown until not long ago.

Although at the beginning implantology was taught as two distinct areas—first the surgeon placed the implant and then the restorative dentist developed the prosthesis—in the vast majority of study centers it is now taught as an independent discipline. There is no longer any doubt about the need for a specialist specifically trained in implant surgeries and implant assisted prostheses or, at least, the essential need for true teamwork.

Specialty program with report of approval of the Consultative Council of Private Higher Education (CCETP) of the Ministry of Education and Culture (MEC).

Restorative Dentistry and Fixed Prosthodontics

The name of this program accepts and incorporates the existence of an indivisible continuity between the disciplines of cariology, biomaterials, dental surgery and fixed prosthodontics for the treatment (restoration-rehabilitation) or fixed replacement of teeth that are fixed to other natural teeth.

This graduate program was created to cater for the increasing demand for these disciplines, among others, in the dental profession. Furthermore, it is necessary to make the most of the various materials, techniques, and knowledge, in general, that appear on a permanent basis in order to diversify and deepen our understanding in these areas.

This graduate program is undergoing the process of being approved by the MEC, and it has the favorable opinion of the Consultative Council of Private Higher Education.