Research Activities Yearbook 2016

“Besides improving learning, our academic outputs become key inputs for developing public policies that have a tangible impact on the cultural, social and economic development of our country. Research is one of the ways in which we seek to establish a sustained relationship with society, because we want our effort and knowledge to be useful for all.” Dr. Father Julio Fernández Techera, S.I.

Research Activities Yearbook 2015

This document, which integrates the different projects developed in the 2015 academic year, “reflects the effort made by the university, from each school and department, to produce quality research that both aims to solve societal problems and provides relevant input for improving the quality of science and public policies in the country.” Dr. Father Eduardo Casarotti, S.I.

Research Activities Yearbook 2014

This yearbook’s edition is special because it marks the University’s 30th anniversary.

The Catholic Church in the bicentennial of Uruguay.  Round of panels

To promote awareness of the presence of the Church in Uruguayan history as a builder of human and Christian values among the general public, including non-Catholics, the Catholic University of Uruguay and the Uruguayan Episcopal Conference organized the round entitled “The Catholic Church in the bicentennial of Uruguay” between June and November 2011.

Abortion and the Protection of Life

The legalization of abortion is undoubtedly one of the most controversial topics in our society, and the legislative history of Uruguay shows different opinions both in the argumentation and in the positive law in force in each period. However, beyond the political, social, and even the positive legislation circumstantially in force, the academic community needs to participate in a serious and profound analysis, because the extreme defense of the human right to life is a mission which does not allow for negotiations or conspiratorial silences.

Research Activities Yearbook 2013

Our university has significantly increased the number of researchers in the National System of Researchers: 47 by the end of 2013. The advancement in research funding has also been very significant: currently 35% of UCU’s research is funded by external sources, among them national and international private stakeholders and the government.   

Research Activities Yearbook 2012

The production of transformative and innovative knowledge for our country and the region is undoubtedly one of the strategic priorities of our school.