Engineering and Technology

Engineering and Technology



Master´s Program

Electrical Engineering Sciences

The technical applications of physical, chemical and biological phenomena are increasing at a fast pace. They have become true pillars for sustainable economic and social development. This occurs both in highly industrialized countries and in countries such as ours, which must also try to overcome the technological gap that separates us from scientifically and technically more advanced countries. Uruguay’s productive development of recent years requires a greater number of engineering professionals with specialized knowledge.

This context needs to contribute to the preparation of engineers with graduate training, at master's and PhD levels, committed to both advancement in science and technology as well as the implications on the economy and society.

Information Technology Management

The Master of Science in IT Management holds a common base with the Master of Science in Energy Management, from our School of Engineering and Technology. Both programs are inspired on the Master of Science in Engineering Management and Leadership of Santa Clara University (USA).

Its main goal is to develop a Master of Science program combining technical and management skills, in a specific human and economic context, thus successfully training management staff for organizations in the area of IT, according to the vision and value proposition of UCU.